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What is GrandView?

A low-overhead projects management and team collaboration system for small- to medium-size organizations and corporate divisions.

Who uses GrandView and how it helps

Organizations that use GrandView typically provide custom or customized solutions and services. Successful industry applications include engineering, manufacturing automation, pharmaceutical automation, software development, system integration, construction and other value added service providers. More...

       Grandview Q & A:

Question: Having trouble meeting deadlines or staying in Budget?
Answer: See How Grandview can help you overcome your Project management Challenges

Proven projects management and collaboration for integrators

Designed by systems integrators for systems integrators, GrandView is a projects management, group collaboration and client communication solution. It enables you to successfully navigate your systems integration planning, scheduling, tracking, partnering, documentation and other project requirements.  More...

Examples of industries that Grandview helps increase productivity and revenue:

Save money, improve results with consistent project management

Too many projects are late, over budget, short of goals or cancelled. Most of these failures are avoidable.

The culprit? It's not preparation. Because no matter how well you plan, your team will have to overcome unexpected challenges to succeed. Instead, the reason most projects fail is the inability to identity and resolve issues as a group because of poor communications. More...

Grandview can help improve consistency to create more profitable projects!


GrandView 8.3 was released in 3Q 2015.

GrandView 8.2 was released in 2Q 2014.

If you've been waiting for a better files interface then wait no more! The new files update will get you closer to a Windows Explorer-type interface More ...